Solar Arm

  • Automated system for local cultivation of healthy vegetables
  • Land preparation, recultivation, planting, crop harvesting, pest and weed control is based on the mechanical principle using concrete tools exclusively without the use of chemical preparations or artificial fertilizers
  • It allows the planting of several crops in one spiral row at a distance of 30 cm or 60 cm in one season
  • Soil recovery! Ecological sustainable cultivation that does not devastate the soil with heavy machinery, but preserves natural life, the necessary moisture and CO2
  • Provides the off-grid power supply for the owner

Photovoltaic Farmer EDO

  • Photovoltaic robot for simple and ecological growing of vegetables
  • Automated machine for soil preparation, mechanical removal of pests and weeds
  • Photovoltaic power supply from solar energy – does not require an electrical connection or cables in the ground, it is eliminated
    a problem with arranging foreign land for an electrical connection
  • Economically the cheapest way to operate the device, without chemicals and sprays
  • The possibility of connecting a camera system for protection against theft
  • Identification via mobile phone or RFID card or unique key – a solution for
    multiple farmers on one farm, where each farmer has access only to his own devices
  • Automatic watering, the possibility of programming for every day of the year, remote control also from
    holidays from all over the world via a mobile phone application
  • Automatic selection of work tools
  • It does not burden the soil with its weight, the necessary soil retains water better and prevents evaporation


  • Year-round lighting of megaboards and bigboards all night long, even in the winter months
  • Investment costs at the level of building an electrical connection
  • Safe voltage
  • No monthly fees for electricity consumption and an ever-increasing electricity connection rate
  • The lamps are individually made in Slovakia, as needed, for an even distribution of the light flux
  • The lighting intensity can be adjusted according to the type of poster of the illuminated surface
  • Remote lighting control and control via GSM module

Photovoltaics for households and companies

  • Design and implementation of photovoltaics to optimize savings
  • Reduction of consumption, energy storage in batteries, in hot water
    Preparation of project documentation
  • Assistance in obtaining subsidies
  • Energy audit, electrical installation check


  • Photovoltaic lighting with year-round operation even in the winter months all night
  • Quick installation on ground screws, without the need for concrete foundations
  • Possibility of transfer to another place, simple and self-help installation
  • Long service life and reliable operation
  • Lighting of streets, cemeteries, cycle paths, bus stops, gardens, etc.
  • Surprising lighting
  • Solution according to requirements
  • Illumination of space up to 30m


  • Photovoltaic stand with a screen for displaying digital information
  • GSM access
  • A tailor-made solution
  • USB sockets for charging mobile phones
  • USB sockets for charging mobile phones
  • Celoročná prevádzka z fotovoltických panelov

"Solutions powered by sun..."

– year-round lighting for advertising areas at night and in the winter months
– GSM application, remote control measurement
– photovoltaic street lighting
– heating of swimming pools
– charging stations for electric bicycles



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