• photovoltaic robot for simple and ecological vegetable growing
• automated system for farmers – enables soil preparation, cultivation, planting, growing, and harvesting
• the system uses specific equipment for ecological way of pest and weed elimination based on mechanical
• it does not require connection to power grid or other external source of electricity, no additional
investments in electric connection, cables, or infrastructure
• the lowest operating costs, without herbicides, and pesticides
• enables camera to be installed to increase safety against theft
• offers self-identification through mobile phone, RFID card, or via specific key – this enables the system
to be used only by authorised personnel or the owner
• automated irrigation – can be planned electronically for each day of the year using mobile app: it can be
switched on or off from distant part of the world
• the instruments for soil cultivation are changed automatically
• the soil does not carry the burden of heavy mechanisms which make it extremely dense, water evaporates

Ing. Róbert Demko

„ Sun is a valuable gift, let´s enjoy it to the full...“