Solar arm


– automated system for farmers – enables soil preparation, cultivation, planting, growing, harvesting
crops and ecological way of pest and weed elimination – based on mechanical principles
– principle: a movable equipment under the photovoltaic arm moves along the linear arm – this linear
movement together with simultaneous circular movement of the arm define exact spiral pattern with defined
width either 60 or 30 cm – using a specific instrument for weed removal it is possible to remove weeds between
defined lines in one cycle, one cycle is defined as the amount of rotations the arm has to perform to move along
the whole arm – from one end the driving unit -to another end – the axis of rotation
– provides the off-grid power supply for the owner – useful for further vegetable processing, preparing
of ready to use vegetable products or packaging…
– the rotating arm which is driven by electromotor is powered by photovoltaic panels – these are
fastened to the arm itself
– does not require connection to power grid or other external source of electricity, no additional
investments in electric connection, cables, or infrastructure
– planting and growing of vegetables is easy with very low cost
– The soil cultivation is non-invasive – the soil does not carry the burden of heavy mechanisms which
make it extremely dense-
– thanks to the clean energy of the sun the soil is not endangered by petrol pollution. It takes only three
years until the natural ecosystem of the soil is renewed, the soil becomes „alive“ again (full of useful bacteria
and worms) and it rewards its owner with plenty of healthy crops
– The installation can be done using soil screws, which enables the machine to be replaced easily if needed.




Power of photovoltaic panels


2 400Wp

The area cultivated



The length of a row 60cm/30cm



Area required


1 074m2

Circle diameter



Time period for one cycle 60cm/30cm



Amount of rotations 60cm/30cm

18/35 rot.

28/55 rot.

Ing. Róbert Demko

Sun is a valuable gift, let´s enjoy it to the full...“